Our Bizarre ARs feature Simple and Efficient advanced Side-charging Uppers and our new Improved Gas Management System that keeps our Bizarre ARs running cooler and cleaner far longer than ordinary ARs. Popular and custom calibers are available for everything from plinking cans to hunting monster moose.

Or, we can make your AR waaay cool, too. We have hundreds of Hydrodip patterns from which to choose ranging from Fantasy, Flags, Skulls and Camo to Flames and Butterflies and everything in between. You can review some of our hydrodip film supplier's inventory by clicking the links below. When you find the pattern that you like, we'll do the artful application to create a one-of-kind custom AR for you.

Imagine your new Bizarre AR and the fun you and your family will have at the range or just plinking cans. Yes, we said your family. Women and Teens love shooting our Bizarre ARs, too. And if you're a hunter, wait until you see the myriad forms of Camo that we have available. The pattern seen on our model above is now our most popular pattern and is called Oil Slick. Some consider it a type of Urban Camouflage!

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These are just a few of the literally hundreds of patterns that we have available. Below are some links to several hydro-print film suppliers. If you see a pattern you like just let us know and we will craft your boring AR into a one-of-a-kind Bizarre AR that is sure to make you the coolest guy at the range!  Your kids will think you're the coolest dad - ever!

Just send us your stripped major AR components, that is, the Buttstock, Upper Receiver (with barrel), Lower Receiver, Handguard, and Grip and we'll do the rest. Smaller parts are additional depending upon the complexity of the parts. And, Yes, we can do scopes, but no electronic optics.


We make some of the coolest ARs on the planet. But they're more than just trick graphics.

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Crafting Single-Shot and Mauser-Pattern Trophy Rifles

Pricing for our custom Hydrodip Graphics begins at $375 and may vary depending upon the cost of the design you choose. Not all hydrodip films are priced the same.

If you wish us to custom-build a Bizarre AR for you using our side-charging upper receiver and other special-purpose features, such as our Improved Gas Management System, we can do so. Please call us for pricing and details.

Some have asked what our Improved Gas Management System actually provides over the stock AR action. In short, it allows you to control the amount of gas entering the bolt which then affects the ejection of the fired cases. If you don't like hunting in the weeds for expensive fired brass, or if you're a handloader and want the rifle to provide optimum performance with your custom handloads, you will appreciate our Improved Gas Management System. You can even shut off the gas completely and the rifle can be functioned manually like any straight-pull bolt action rifle. This is a great way to introduce beginners to the AR system with a greater degree of safety in handling without the semi-auto feature engaged.

An additional feature of our Improved Gas Management System is the dual gas ports in the top of the Upper Receiver at the point where the gas tube feeds the gas key on the bolt carrier. The ports allow excess gas to escape through the ports and out of the rifle instead of directing that gas and debris into the action and magazine. The result is that our Bizarre ARs run cooler and cleaner far longer than ordinary ARs.