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We start with your rifle stock and artfully refashion it into the slender, graceful form of those beautiful sporting rifles of the late 19th and early 20th Century which initially inspired Mr. Bill Ruger and Mr. Samuel Cummins, founder of the old Interarms company, to produce the Ruger No.1 and M77 and the Interarms Mark X Mauser and Mini Mauser rifles, respectively.

Additionally, we re-checker the stock at 20 - 22 lines per inch and finish with our exclusive all-weather Vintage Finish. The price is a mere fraction of the cost of restocking your rifle or that of a custom build and the result is a Trophy Rifle that is sure to become an heirloom.

Through the years I’ve been asked by several customers if we could convert their standard length bolt action rifle with a magnum bolt face to accept the .375 H&H Magnum cartridge. Unfortunately, that is not an easy conversion, but I now have an exciting solution in a new cartridge designed specifically for standard length bolt actions that have a magnum bolt face.

The .375 Renner Belted has all the wonderful features that made the .375 H&H legendary

and it works in standard length bolt actions!

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Crafting Single-Shot and Mauser-Pattern Trophy Rifles

We start with your rifle stock...

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Whether we craft a No.1-A, or a Ruger M77, Winchester Model 70, Mauser Mark X, CZ 550, or other quality bolt action, we will produce for you a rifle stock to create a Trophy Rifle that handles so wonderfully that you have to experience it to believe how removing just the right amount of wood - in just the right places - can make even a clubby rifle handle like a fine shotgun. Our customers agree that it's a real joy to hunt with one of our Trophy Rifles.

Many hunters develop a close bond with their primary rifle. Over time it becomes more to them than just a firearm and a tool of the harvest. It becomes a very personal possession - a trusted companion on every hunt.

Because of its quality of design, materials, and craftsmanship, it stands the test of time and continues to prove to be more than up to the task of bringing home the harvest without fail. Truly, such a special rifle is as much a trophy as the rack of horns or game head on the wall in the den. Each time it’s taken from its case and handled, it quietly reminds of those hard hunts endured to earn that meat in the larder and the horns on the wall. Yes, a good rifle becomes more than a mere tool, in time it becomes a cherished trophy, too.

We believe that every hunter deserves to own and hunt with at least one Great Rifle in your lifetime. It's a rifle that becomes a trusted friend and a treasured heirloom. We can craft a Ruger No. 1, or a quality bolt action rifle that will become that One Great Rifle for you.

"Life is too short to hunt with an ugly gun."

~ Richard Adamson


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