The Ruger No.1 International, or RSI as it has come to be called, is one of the most coveted of the No.1 rifles. However, the challenge has been to find one chambered for your favorite cartridge. Realizing that many No.1 aficionados already have a No.1A in their cartridge of choice, it seemed logical to offer a conversion of the 1A to the International.

We begin with your No1A and in addition to our standard Trophy Rifle treatment, we craft a new forearm and RSI hardware to fit the original 22-inch barrel. This saves many hundreds of dollars for a re-barrel and the cost is only $1695.

Also available is our Woodland Stalker. This short and handy carbine is available in big-bore pistol cartridges such as the ever popular .44 Magnum, or the .454 Casull, . 475 Linebaugh, .480 Ruger, .50 Action Express, or whatever pistol cartridge you may like.

The cost for this complete makeover is only $2000 and consists of our standard Trophy Rifle treatment plus a new barrel in the calibre of your choice and, of course, the new forearm and its attendant hardware. The resulting carbine is really incredible! You can't begin to imagine how quick and handy this little carbine really is until you have it in your hands.

We start with your Ruger No. 3 and transform it into the sleek and slender American Saddle Rifle seen here. In addition to thinning the comb of the stock, we also form panels behind the receiver similar to those on the Ruger No.1 rifles and other higher quality rifles of the singleshot era. 

Likewise, the forearm is dramatically thinned and shortened and optionally we install a genuine pewter tip as found on the higher grades of yesteryear's rifles. A Schnable forearm as seen lower on the page is standard treatment.

Ultra-Light No.1

You supply the No.1 rifle and we do the rest. Our service includes re-engineering of the No.1 receiver and action, super-slenderizing of the buttstock and reconfiguring the forearm, recheckering, re-barreling to a suitable calibre for your preferred hunting application as well as installing sights, polishing and bluing. Engraving and custom wood options are also available. Loading dies and cases are provided as part of the complete package for our proprietary cartridge chamberings. The Renner No.1 Tang Sight is optional.

The cost for conversion to the Ultra-Light No.1 is only $2000 - far less than the cost of building a typical custom bolt action rifle.

No.1 International (RSI)

The Conversion of Holy Hubertus

painted by Wilhelm Carl Rauber in 1892

Engraved on the right side of the receiver is my rendition of the St. Hubertus symbol of the stag with the cross in its antlers. This, according to legend, is the vision seen by St. Hubertus that lead to his conversion. It also instilled in him a deep and profound respect for the other creatures of God’s Nature and a desire to teach the principles of fair chase hunting to all who might listen.

The left side of this bespoke rifle bears the engraved image of the hunter's family crest. This being my rifle, it bears my family crest. The family crest is a silent reminder of the family pledge that was taken by the hunter who bears this fine heirloom rifle. Additionally, the grip cap is engraved with the family name further personalizing the rifle to the family. If the client doesn’t know his family crest, I will research and find it as part of my service of building their family heirloom rifle.

Renner No. 3 American Saddle Rifle

The Ultra-Light No.1 is in a class of its own when it comes to slender and handy rifles. It's refined form seems to magically float to the shoulder and aim itself. No profusion of words, diagrams, or pictures can explain the feeling of handling such a rifle. It must be experienced to be appreciated, and once experienced, we are quite certain that you will be spoiled for life.

The cartridge selection is based upon a consideration of the very light weight of the rifle and requires a balance between power and recoil. While the .25-35 Winchester in modern loading is, perhaps, the ideal cartridge for the Ultra-Light No.1, several standard chamberings are available including 7-30 Waters, .30-30 Winchester, and 7,62x39 Russian. For the handloader and experimenter, we offer some new wildcat cartridges developed specifically for the Ultra-Light No.1, such as the 6mm Renner Compact SS (Single Shot), 6,5mm Renner Compact SS and the 7mm Renner Compact SS.  Please call us for details.

Seen here is the secret to the slenderness of RJ Renner No.1 rifles.

Mr. Bill Ruger left us single-shot rifle fans a wonderful legacy in his masterpiece No.1 Single Shot Rifle. In less than 50 years it has become, arguably, the most popular center-fire single-shot sporting rifle in the world. It IS the new Classic by which all others will be judged. However, as good as it is, there's room for improvement that will enhance the handling and enjoyment of this fine rifle by those who ask for more of a factory rifle.

While most No.1s come equipped with open sights, the stock was designed for use with a scope. For those shooters who prefer the classic open sights, the comb is too high to comfortably view those sights. We can lower and thin the comb so that when the hunter mounts the rifle the sights are easily and quickly aligned with the target. By lowering the comb, the felt recoil against the cheek is significantly reduced as well.

While we appreciate the classic Alex Henry forearm, through the years it has become clubby and much less slender than in earlier versions. We have reduced its bulk and length and added a faux ebony tip for the English Stalking Rifle or the classic Austrian-style Schnable forearm tip for a decidedly Germanic Stalking Rifle. These treatments, along with our thinning of the buttstock results in a mimic of those more slender and elegant sporting rifles of the pre-World War I era.

Until you handle one of our No. 1 Trophy Rifles, you can't imagine how removing just the right amount of wood - in just the right places - can result in a rifle that handles like a fine shotgun. It's as if the rifle has a mind of its own and seems to float to your shoulder and aim itself instinctively.

Our service costs much less than the thousands charged for custom restocking work and results in a No. 1 Trophy Rifle that is sure to become your favorite rifle and a treasured heirloom.

The St. Hubertus rifle is based upon my refined Ruger No.1 action. To this action I fitted a German-pattern octagon barrel that has an integral quarter rib and front sight base. In keeping with the purist Hubertus creed, the rifle is not equipped to accept a scope. For those hunters, however, who can no longer see iron sights, provisions can be made for the rifle to accept a scope.

One feature that is immediately noted by anyone who handles the St. Hubertus Tribute Rifle is its incredible slenderness and perfect balance. This is accomplished in part by my removal of the forearm hanger on the front of the receiver. This not only simplifies the action, it also allows me to make the forearm very slender adding a sense of grace seen in very few other custom Ruger No.1 rifles.

Return with us to the days of grand safaris in darkest Africa, where single shot rifles provided the ultimate challenge of the hunter's skill. When all that was needed was one good shot from a fine single shot rifle. The African Light Rifle is that fine single shot rifle. Weighing in at a mere 7 pounds, the African Light Rifle is sleek, slender, and quick to action and wears a premium 26-inch barrel for optimum performance that is chambered for the legendary .303 British cartridge. It has been said that the grand old .303 British has taken more African game than any other cartridge in the world.

Call us for more information about this exciting new rifle.  Now the African is available in the justly popular and famous .275 Rigby (7x57 Mauser).

Our St. Hubertus Tribute Rifle is not only a bespoke rifle, it is designed from the start to not only be an ethics statement of the hunter who commissions it, but also is personalized in a way that makes it a family heirloom by bearing the family crest of the owner on the receiver.

If you like your Ruger No.3 now, wait until we perform our magic on it. You will absolutely love it!

R.J. Renner

Saint Hubertus Tribute Rifle, Ultra-Light No.1, and African Light Rifle are trademarks of RJ Renner.

Several options are available for the Ruger No.3

rifles including the Pewter Tip as seen to the left and a flat buttplate to replace the military-style Ruger buttplate. The flat plate better transfers recoil to the shoulder in the large calibre No.3s.

No. 1 Stalking Rifle, Ultra-Light No.1, African Light Rifle, St. Hubertus Tribute Rifle, and No.3

Of course, the big question is price. Options will affect price. However, the basic rifle as seen here is $15,000 and will take about 9 months to complete. That seems like a very reasonable price for a bespoke family heirloom of this quality and uniqueness. Obviously, this is not a rifle for every hunter. However, for those who feel strongly about their hunting ethics and wish to share those principles with their family and friends, there is no other rifle quite like our St. Hubertus Tribute Rifle.

I believe this St. Hubertus rifle would be a wonderful gift and legacy to leave one’s children and grandchildren.

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Although the various features of this rifle are subtle and understated, their blending creates a rifle of remarkable beauty, style, balance, and value. However, there is no way that words can describe its perfect balance, slenderness, and good feeling in the hand. At 6 lbs 6 oz, the rifle floats to the shoulder and seems to aim itself. That must be experienced to appreciate it.

St. Hubertus is honored among hunters as not only the Patron Saint of Hunters, he is also considered to be the father of ethical hunting principles. It’s said that he established the principles of Fair Chase Hunting and wildlife conservation way back in medieval times. He also advocated only shooting an animal when a humane, clean, and quick kill is assured.

These basic principles of showing the highest respect for the animal and fair chase include giving the game a reasonable chance to evade the hunter while ensuring that the game isn’t harassed during the hunt. In keeping with the spirit of fair chase, many Hubertus hunters use single shot rifles with iron sights only. It is in the purest sense of the concept of Fair Chase that we offer our St. Hubetus Tribute Rifle for your consideration.

St. Hubertus Tribute Rifle

Crafting Ruger No.1 and Mauser-Pattern Trophy Rifles

In addition to the family crest, there is also the reminder of the hunter's oath in German that is deeply inset and gold filled into the top flat of the 24-inch full octagon barrel which is the first verse of WEIDMANNSHEIL, which reads:

"Das ist des Jägers Ehrenschild, daß er beschützt und hegt sein Wild, weidmännisch jagt, wie sich’s  gehört, den Schöpfer im Geschöpfe ehrt."

Poetically translated it means,"This is the hunter's badge of glory, That he protect and tend his quarry, Hunt with Honor, as is due, And through the beast to God is true."

Trade                                                                    Mark

African Light Rifle