We believe that every rifle should wear iron sights, either as the primary sighting system or as a back up to a scope. Anyone who has had a hunt ruined by a damaged scope will appreciate the sagacity of our position. That said, we offer several aperture / receiver sight systems that each offer advantages of their own which we can explain in planning your Trophy Rifle.

It's good to have options - and we've added to the list.

A good muzzle brake does more than just reduce the felt recoil of your rifle. When properly designed, the muzzle brake also has the unique ability to change the characteristics of the rifle's report. This "diffusion" of sound makes it very difficult for the game to determine exactly from where the rifle shot came. Also, if a bad shot was made, it may allow the hunter a second shot before the game spooks and runs.

Our "Discreet" Muzzle Brake  consists of 20 small vents strategically located in the front sight band of our No. 1 English Stalking Rifle and Pre-War 77 Trophy Rifles. So positioned, they provide the benefits of the brake without compromising the fine lines and aesthetics of our Trophy Rifles.

The price is $200 as part of our Trophy Rifle package.

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In addition to the custom stock work that we provide, we also offer other specialized services that are only available as part of our Trophy Rifle package.

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It can readily be seen in the photo above that the slots in the scope ring tightening nuts are parallel to the barrel. Once we've "tuned" your rifle's rings, re-zeroing the scope in the field can be accomplished easily without the levers, springs or gadgets of other more complicated ring designs.  The results are clean, smooth lines without protruding levers that can snag on brush, a sling, or clothing and be inadvertently moved out of alignment.

We can provide this service as part of our Trophy Rifle package and the cost is only $25 - far less than the cost of those spendy quick detachable rings. We will be happy to explain the benefits of using the factory rings, which, in our opinion and experience, are better than anything else available for the Ruger rifles when so modified.

Today there is a renewed interest in the art of casehardening and its application to quality firearms. However, to say that "we do casehardening" doesn't really explain what we have to offer. While we do offer the service, there is such a variety of effects that result from the varied techniques developed by the providers of this beautiful service that we feel there are some choices. After all, as the saying goes, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and what one may consider art another may consider a complete waste of money.  So, we give you some interesting options.

Below are some examples from several casehardening artists who provide the services that we offer. The price for our casehardening service is $375 but is only available as part of our Trophy Rifle package.

We have recently introduced our MorVue Aperture Sight for our Ruger No.1 and  Pre-War 77 Trophy Rifles. Unlike other aperture sights for the Ruger, the MorVue Aperture Sight was designed to work with the original Ruger front sight, saving you the cost, installation, and adjustment of a higher front sight. The MorVue is a petite sight that fits into the existing rear sight slot and is easily adjusted for windage and elevation. As its name implies, it provides a much better view of the target and acquiring an accurate sight picture is quick and easy.

The MorVue works perfectly in the rear sight island of our Pre-War 77s.  For those wishing a receiver sight, we suggest the Full Moon sight from New England Custom Gun which mounts on the receiver bridge of the Ruger 77s and CZ 550s. The Lyman receiver sights work on other bolt action rifles, such as Remingtons, Winchesters, etc. The price for our exclusive MorVue Aperture Sight is only $85 as part of our Trophy Rifle package, while the NECG "Full Moon" sight is  $135 installed and adjusted.


Although we accept and promote the challenge of still hunting and stalking to within 100 yards or less before the shot is taken, and using iron sights to do so, scopes do have their place. Some of our clients simply can't see iron sights well enough to make an ethical shot at any distance. Also, at times lighting or sighting conditions are such that a pre-zeroed scope in the backpack can save the hunt or allow the hunter to make a shot that can result in an ethical harvest of the game.

While there are several good quick-detach scope mounting systems available, few shooters appreciate the outstanding design of the original Ruger scope rings. Some would argue that they're not quick-detachable and won't re-zero. That's true - when using the rings as they arrive from the factory.

We now offer our scope ring "Re-Zeroing" service for the rings that will be used on our No.1 or Pre-War 77 Trophy Rifles. By "tuning" the scope ring tightening nuts so that when evenly torqued the screw slots are both parallel to the bore, it's possible to zero the scope, remove it from the rifle, and when remounted on the same rifle the scope will return to zero if both screws are again equally tightened - which is indicated by the screw slots again being parallel with the bore. It's actually quicker and easier to perform than to explain. 

Custom  Sights and Scope Ring Service

Bolt Jeweling

Crafting Ruger No. 1, No. 3, & M77 Trophy Rifles

R.J. Renner

The MorVue sight works well in the M77 rear sight island while the NECG "Full Moon" works well on the rear receiver bridge.

      The New RJRenner MorVue Aperture Sight is adjustable for windage and elevation and locked by set screws.


Recently we have experienced an increase in requests for "jeweling" or Damascening of the rifle bolt. Jeweling has always been associated with high-end gunwork and is a mark of quality in a firearm. Like casehardening, there has been a recent resurgence of interest in this art form and we are pleased to announce that we are now able to provide the service at reasonable cost as part of our Trophy Rifle package.

NOTICE: .Although we strive to keep all info on this site current, specifications and prices are subject to change.

So, be sure to ask about current options, pricing, and specifications while we plan your Trophy Rifle.

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Introducing our    RJ Renner MorVue Aperture Sight

Because the art of casehardening is somewhat unpredictable, being akin to alchemy and witchcraft, these are just examples of previous work and are not a guarantee of a particular result. However, which ever style you choose, the result will be a Trophy Rifle that is sure to become your favorite rifle and a treasured family heirloom.

Discreet Muzzle Brake

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