We’ve been asked by some High Wall admirers if we could put their Uberti rifle on a diet to reduce the advertised weight of 9-1/4 pounds to something that is more manageable. That weight may be tolerable for stand hunting, but the rifle is just too heavy and ill-balanced to carry all day in the field.  Also, the stock is too long for most hunters and the curved buttplate snags on the shoulder when mounting the rifle. Some have said that the buttstock is just too thick and clubby and the forearm “Schnabel” lacks definition.

What we do...

Crafting Single-Shot and Mauser-Pattern Trophy Rifles

R.J. Renner

The result is a handsome, sleek and handy 7-1/2 pound rifle that snaps to the shoulder like a fine shotgun and seems to aim itself. Take a look at the photos and you'll see what we mean. But photos cannot convey the wonderful liveliness of the rifle once we've done our magic to it. You can't imagine how taking off just the right amount of wood and metal, in just the right places, can transform your High Wall into a super sleek and nimble rifle.

The cost for all this magic is just $1,395.00. A small price for a Trophy Rifle that is sure to become your favorite and provide you with years of shooting and hunting enjoyment.

We can also provide custom wood and stockwork or we can re-bore, rifle, and chamber your Uberti High Wall to fire .50-110 Winchester or .50-70 Gov’t cartridges. 


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We studied the rifle and here is the result...

We shortened the barrel to 26 inches and turned it 2/3 tapered round which not only reduces the weight, but improves the balance. Then we mounted a Rocky Mountain Front Sight and “de-horned” the rear sight to provide a much better sight picture. A Gold Bead front sight is also available.

The buttstock is just too long with a 14-inch length of pull and a sharp-pointed crescent buttplate. So, we reduced the LOP back to the Winchester regulation of 13-1/2 inches and “de-horned” the buttplate as well. We also removed the belly and excess thickness of the buttstock and defined the forearm to a more pleasing mild Schnabel style. Then we finished the stock with our Tung Oil Vintage Finish for all-weather protection.