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*.45 Super is a trademark of Ace Custom 45s, Inc.  Super Longslide, .45 Super Longslide are trademarks of RJ Renner.

**On average, the .45 Super Longslide provides 100 fps increased velocity with most loads.

Another Option

For those who like to walk on the wild side, we like to explore the options with finishing that will provide a unique, one of a kind Texas Barbecue Pistol. Here is one such option for your consideration. Call me today and we can discuss your ideas for your .45 Super Longslide.

Our .45 Super Longslide is intended and designed to be a no-nonsense, ultra-reliable big game hunting pistol. We adhere to the K.I.S.S. Principle (keep it super simple) whenever possible and our design parameters reflect the essential need of simplicity, accuracy, top-quality construction, and dependability under extreme hunting conditions.

The .45 Super Longslide is not your typical overbuilt cream puff 1911 clone. It's simply a powerful, accurate, rugged and reliable pistol that shoots exactly where you point it with enough power to meet your challenges of it. It's a serious handgun for the serious hunter, explorer, and outdoorsman.

Now that having been stated, although our pistols feature our exclusive casehardened finish,  we do have other fine finishes and an engraving artist available so your .45 Super Longslide can be a brute in the field and still be the star at the barbeque. Casehardening a 1911 slide is not all that difficult, but doing so to the frame is another story. Being so thin all over, it's very easy to warp the 1911 frame. However, we've got the temp and time factors perfectly figured to be able to now provide this extraordinarily beautiful finish.

Our intent is to make a limited edition of these High Performance Hunting Pistols which are now available on a private sale basis. The line is forming so don't wait too long before calling.

The price for our basic Hunter .45 Super Longslide is $2,750. Give me a call and we can discuss your .45 Super Longslide and the specific features that will make it your personal Trophy Pistol.

Thanks for your interest.

RJ Renner

Having been the Testing and Service Manager at AMT (Arcadia Machine & Tool) during their heyday, I had the unique opportunity to test fire over a thousand of their .45 Hardballer Longslide pistols. More importantly, through servicing them, I learned how to make a 7-inch longslide work really well.

Through the ensuing years I have patiently waited for the 1911 makers to resurrect the 7-inch longslide, but to no avail. Yes, there are 6-inchers, but there's just something really special about a full 7-inch longslide. Aside from the longer sight radius, magnum performance, and wonderful balance, our .45 Super Longslide just looks awesome!  But, it's not just another pretty face.

When we combine our 7-inch longslide with the potent .45 SUPER®* cartridge, the result is an amazingly powerful and effective hunting pistol. From our 7-inch barrel the .45 Super Longslide launches a 10% heavier bullet (255-grain) 350 fps faster (1175 fps**) than the standard 230-grain .45 ACP from a 5-inch barrel. That's a 40% increase in muzzle velocity! The result is a seriously deadly boar, deer, and bear handgun. Plus, you have rapid-fire follow-up capability if ever needed.

.45 SUPER?   Never heard of it.

Despite the fact that it has been on the scene since 1988, the .45 Super® seems to be one of the best-kept secrets in 1911 land. One would think that a cartridge that delivers such significant performance over the standard .45 ACP would be legend by now. But, it seems not so.

The .45 Super® is the brainchild of Dean Grennell, former gun writer and managing editor of Gun World magazine, and was co-developed by Tom Fergerson and Ace Hindman. Today, Garey “Ace” Hindman is probably the foremost authority on the .45 Super® and he holds the trademark to the name .45 Super. He's also been of great assistance in the development of our .45 Super Longslide

Some feel that my pursuit of improved performance from my hunting handguns is all about sensationalism. The critics contend that we already have bullets that will shoot completely through a deer or hog at reasonable handgun distances so how much more power do we need? After all, more penetrating energy certainly won’t kill the animal any quicker or deader. So, what’s the point?

Yes, indeed, what is the point. It seems that all the other custom handgun smiths are going to shorter barrels, so why are you making them longer?

Let’s consider that when we’re shooting at the range, the paper target is very accommodating by holding perfectly still while we accurately align the sights, hold the breath, and squeeze the trigger. Not so in the field.

The fact is that game animals rarely stand perfectly still to give you that perfect broadside shot. When it does happen, it is a gift from the Fates for which we should be immensely grateful. Animals, unless bedded, are usually moving. Even when grazing they will take a step forward or sideways as they move on.

When you do get that “perfect” shot, whatever that actually turns out to be in the moment, you must take it quickly. You must also consider distance and possible holdover, dope the wind, consider lead while the animal is moving, and all the while keep control of your nerves. That’s a lot to do in a few seconds of time.

It’s axiomatic that the quicker the bullet gets to the target the less it is affected by wind drift and gravity  which helps in more accurate bullet placement. It also means that the animal has moved less distance from the moment you pulled the trigger than if you were shooting a slower moving bullet. Remember that the bullet doesn’t instantly arrive on target. Yes, only a fraction of a second of delay to arrive on target, but time enough for an animal to move.

Consider that if you are shooting a handgun bullet at whatever velocity, and I am shooting the same bullet at a mere 100 feet per second quicker, my bullet will have already struck the target as your bullet is just getting started. Yes, that is an oversimplification of the process, but the point is that the quicker bullet has already connected with the target before it has a chance to move very far from where it was when you pulled the trigger. The difference of 100 feet per second in velocity could mean the difference between a heart shot and a gut shot.

Higher velocity can provide for more accurate bullet placement and an increase in the inherent accuracy of the gun. THAT is the point.  Although sensationalism does help in marketing!

Just the way it looks from here.

An additional benefit of our 7-inch slide is that the added mass of the slide, along with our High Performance Hunting Pistol features, not only dampens recoil, making the pistol very pleasant to shoot with the Super loads, it also allows us to shoot .45 ACP, .45 ACP+P, and .45 Super® interchangeably without any modification to the pistol. There has never been such a uniquely versatile 1911 as the .45 Super Longslide. It's a powerful but well-behaved and versatile handgun that most any 1911 aficionado will master quickly.

And speaking of the ACP, if one chooses to shoot .45 ACP  from our .45 Super Longslide, you can expect the same performance as when shooting .45 ACP+P from a standard 5-inch barrel.

And for those who like to keep it simple, we still offer our Hunter Grade .45 Super Longslide which wears the standard blue or the tough-as-nails Cerakote finish as seen here. Whatever  your choice of finish and features, we will provide you with a .45 Super Longslide unlike any other 1911 pistol.

The .45 Super® cartridge is dimensionally identical to the original .45 ACP round. However, that’s were the similarity stops. The Super has a thicker head and web than the ACP and is loaded to higher pressures making it substantially more powerful than the hardball .45 ACP. This requires a substantially modified 1911 to effectively deal with the resulting stresses.

Our performance improvement transforms a properly-constructed 1911 into a very serious hunting handgun. When combined with our 7-inch Longslide the results are, in a word, SUPER! Again, from our .45 Super Longslide the .45 Super's 255-grain bullet is launched at 1175 fps - a 40% increase over the standard .45 ACP  230-grain bullet at 830 fps.

To put it another way, when fired from our .45 Super Longslide the .45 Super® has more remaining energy at 200 yards than the .45 ACP has at the muzzle. While I’m not advocating the .45 Super® as a long range number, the stats just indicate how much more effective the Super is than the standard .45 ACP - when fired from our pistol.

Some consider the 200-grain 10mm Auto as an adequate cartridge for taking boar, deer, and bear, and in the right hands it certainly has that potential. However, the .45 Super® with its larger diameter and heavier bullet has more remaining energy at 75 yards than the 10mm has at the muzzle. Again, when fired from our .45 Super Longslide. And, it does so with far less stress on the pistol than the 10mm.

Commercial ammunition is available from Underwood Ammo and Buffalo Bore, and Starline makes the brass - and you use standard .45 ACP loading dies to roll your own. What could be easier?

The need for Speed

The ammunition he used was the excellent Underwood .45 Super® with the 255-grain hard cast bullet. In the right hands the .45 Super Longslide firing the Underwood .45 Super® ammo is very capable of taking large big game well into the 800-pound class, putting both the gun and the ammo in the High Performance Hunting Pistol category.

Our thanks to Max for testing the .45 Super Longslide which is, in his words, and I quote,

We're glad he approves.


In a recent phone conversation with renown leather artist, Karla Van Horne, she agreed to provide her outstanding holsters and gear to our customers requesting a holster and rig for their .45 Super Longslide. Anyone familiar with Purdy Gear knows that Karla's are about the highest quality holsters available anywhere. Please visit her site: for more information.

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